Finding The Right Used 4X4 Truck For You

Last year, new and used car buyers spent 75% of their auto shopping time online. With the advent of e-auto shopping, you have more options to choose from than ever, particularly if you're in the market for a used 4x4 truck. Here's a quick guide to help you find the best used 4x4 for your budget and needs:


4x4 trucks come in all shapes and sizes. Just about the only similarity they must have to be considered a 4x4 is the four-wheel drive connoted by their name. However, not all 4x4 systems are the same. 

  • Part-Time - this type of four-wheel drive is more fuel efficient than others and can be manually engaged by the driver when conditions necessitate a little extra traction. The biggest drawback of part-time four-wheel drive is the lack of a center differential, which allows the rear and front axles to rotate at different speeds. Thus, part-time four-wheel drive can only be engaged on soft, non-paved, surfaces at very slow speeds. Part-time four-wheel drive is perfect for the truck owner looking to save a little gas, who only needs four-wheel drive infrequently. 
  • Full-Time - this type of four-wheel drive operates all the time. Most systems also allow the driver to lock the center differential, which improves performance on softer, more natural, surfaces. The two biggest drawbacks of full-time four wheel drive is the loss of fuel efficiency and the extra maintenance required by the center differential. Full-time four-wheel drive is perfect for the truck owner who doesn't mind spending a little extra for gas and who might need the extra traction frequently.

Choosing the right 4x4 system for your needs should be among your first concerns when shopping for a used truck. Without the right 4x4 systems, you may be paying for too little or too much truck. 


4x4 trucks are designed to go where other vehicles can't. These excursions often require a little extra lift. Just like the 4x4 systems, however, not all lift systems are created equally.

  • Spring Over Axle - spring over axle lift suspensions are designed to create maximum tire travel in each wheel well. This means that your wheels can "spring" up or down drastically and still maintain contact with the road. Because this type of suspension is placed over the axles, it also promotes stability in extreme driving conditions. 
  • Shackle Reverse - essentially, these gain lift through oversized leaf springs. These leaf springs are relatively inexpensive, but they can create some serious maneuverability and safety concerns if you plan on driving your used 4x4 truck at highway speeds.
  • Coil Suspensions - these jumbo shock absorbers lift your truck, while maintaining its ability to preform safely in almost every driving condition. Coil suspensions are often more expensive and tend to wear out relatively quickly, but they are perfect for truck owners looking for a little extra lift and a suspension system suitable for all driving conditions.


Another feature that makes a truck a truck is its bed. When choosing a used 4x4 truck, you will have two truck bed options to choose from: short and long.

  • Short - having a shorter bed makes the truck lighter and slightly more maneuverable. They also tend to be less expensive. 
  • Long - although long truck beds are heavier and likely more expensive, they can increase your truck's hauling capacity and slightly improve the vehicle's re-sale value.

Trucks are among the most popular vehicle styles sold in America. This popularity creates a rich used truck market, which can make shopping for a used 4x4 truck overwhelming. This guide can make the process easier, while helping you find a better used 4x4 truck for your means and needs. 

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