Why Is Your Car Vibrating?

A shaky car can be more than a nuisance. It can be an indication that car troubles are up ahead. There are various underlying conditions that could be causing your bumpy ride. If your car is vibrating while driving, here is what you need to know:

What Is Causing the Vibrations?

The tires are one of the most common reasons that a car's ride would be less than smooth. As the "shoes" of the tires and when they are not in good condition, your riding experience suffers. In most cases, the fix is relatively simple.

Another possible reason for a bumpy ride is the transmission. The bumpiness likely occurs when you try to shift gears. If your car is automatic, you will feel the bumpiness more as you accelerate.

As your brakes wear down, they can sometimes lead to vibrating. The rotors are an integral part of your car's braking system that is supposed to help with slowing the car. However, when the rotors are out of sync or worn, vibrations can be felt throughout your car when you brake. Most notably, the brake pad will vibrate when it is depressed.

Your car's suspension is responsible for absorbing the vibrations from your car riding over various surfaces. Whenever a component of the suspension system, such as the ball joints, starts to wear down, vibrations will become more noticeable.

What Can You Do?

One of the easiest fixes for vibration problems is to check your tires, determine if there is a problem, and have it resolved. You can start your inspection by looking at the treads of the tire. If there is no tread, it is time to replace them. You should also look to see if there is something wedged in the tread. If so, removing it could fix your problem.

Transmission problems are usually more complex to handle, but you can perform basic troubleshooting by checking the fluid levels. If the transmission fluid is low, fill it to the appropriate level and take a test ride. If the problem persists or returns later, professional help will be necessary.

Problems caused by your suspension and brakes will need to be addressed by your auto repair shop. The auto technician can also check for other problems that could be contributing to your less than perfect ride. In addition to this, the technician can ensure you are up to date on your car's scheduled maintenance. 

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