Going on Your First Trip? Learn About 2 Types of Towing Services Available

If you are going on a trip and you are a young driver, you may not be aware that there are different types of towing services available. You need to learn this information before you go on your trip just in case you break down. This will ensure you get back on the road again much faster. Below is some information about two types of towing so you will know which one is the best to call for your situation.

24-Hour Emergency Towing

Your car may break down late at night in an area where there are few cars. In a situation like this, it can be scary. This is why 24-hour emergency towing is needed. They can get to you quickly to get your car to the nearest mechanic.

You also need 24-hour emergency towing if your car is in heavy traffic and you break down, causing a traffic jam.  

Emergency towing can offer you many services. For example, they can help you change a tire to get you back on the road immediately. They can also help by jumping your car if the problem is due to the battery. This will be enough to get you somewhere. The tow truck may allow you to follow them just in case you break down again. If there are heavy objects on your car, the towing service will remove them for you.

Non-Emergency Towing Company

If you are in a situation that is not an emergency, you should call a traditional towing company. They will still get to you fast just not as quick as they would if it was an emergency. Non-emergency towing can also offer you the same types of assistance as the emergency towing company can, such as charging your battery, etc.

Many towing companies can tow both light and medium vehicles, such as a larger truck. They can take your vehicle to a service station.  These companies can also help you if you are stuck, such as in the mud or snow. They will attach a special type of hook to either the front or back bumper and pull the vehicle out. They can generally do this without causing any damage to your car.

Visit resources like http://www.cctow.com/ if you want more information about the services they offer. If you have mapped out your trip, check the towing companies available in different areas just in case you need them.

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