Should You Consider A Mobile Windshield Repair Service?

When a rock or other item hits your windshield it causes a major inconvenience in many ways. Typically, to get the damage from this sort of accident repaired, you would have to take the vehicle to the glass replacement shop, leave it there for several hours, and find alternate transportation or wait until the glass is finished curing. Fortunately, many auto glass replacement services offer a mobile option where they come to your location. If you have never thought of using this option, there are some things you should think about first, including the following:

How Bad Is the Damage?

In general, a mobile auto glass service can repair almost any damage to a windshield. However, if you have really severe damage, you need to provide this information at the time you book your service. While typical damage, such as cracks or bullseyes, is not a problem to fix or replace, a completely broken out windshield or other major damage may require you to take your car to the actual service center for repair. This is because your gaskets and other important parts of your car that are designed to hold the glass in place may need some additional inspection before the glass is installed.

What About Brake Tags or Inspection Stickers?

You may also wonder if a mobile windshield replacement service will offer to replace a brake tag or inspection sticker. The answer to this is highly dependent on the state you are in. In some states, when permitted by state law, they will replace the old inspection sticker back on your new windshield. However, some mobile windshield glass services will not replace the old sticker with a new one, in which case you will have to visit your local service inspection station to get a new sticker. 

Do You Have to be Present?

Another concern you may have is whether or not you have to physically be with your vehicle while the mobile windshield services works on your car. In most cases, you do not have to stay with them while they work. You do have to meet initially to give them your keys and provide any additional insurance information. You also need to meet afterward to pick up your keys and sign any paperwork.

A mobile auto glass replacement service is a great alternative to dropping your vehicle off to a repair shop. You can work, go to school, run errands, and the like while your car is being repaired. If you have comprehensive auto coverage on your insurance plan, your windshield may cost very little out of pocket as well.

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