Garbage Truck Buying Advice

Garbage trucks are large, powerful, and equipped with special features to aid in collecting trash from dumpsters and bins. If you're buying one or a fleet, this guide will ensure your money goes to a good automotive investment.

Choose a Loading Design

Garbage trucks have different ways they can load bins to remove trash. You have side, front, and rear loading. Each of these designs is different and you want to understand why so that you're able to find a loading design that works for your drivers and garbage disposal business.

Side-loading trucks are one of the more popular options, especially for residential dumping purposes where bins are located on the side of alleys. Front-loading trucks show up a lot more around commercial properties because of the way bins are positioned around these establishments. Once you identify where these trucks are going and how bins are positioned, you can find the right design.

Find a Dealer That's Experienced With These Specialized Vehicles

You'll probably end up buying garbage trucks from dealers that have a large inventory for you to browse. However, you want the dealer to have experience with selling these specialized vehicles because they're much different than vehicles like traditional trucks and cars.

The dealer needs to know how these trucks work so that they're more helpful when facilitating your transactions. They can show you models that are right for your operations and also provide meaningful information, helping you make a decision a lot faster compared to having to analyze everything about garbage trucks yourself.

Determine if a Custom Design Is Required

You can buy garbage trucks that are already made or you can have one custom-built for your specific needs. If you go the latter path, be prepared for a longer wait time and also more costs.

If you have really unique dumping needs or just want more say in how your garbage truck or trucks are designed, custom manufacturing probably is going to work out. Whereas if your dumping needs are pretty basic, going with a model that's already made will save you a wait. You can buy one of these trucks any time you want.

Garbage trucks are available to purchase if you want to make a living removing trash around different sites. These vehicles are staple assets for this type of business, so make sure you know how to buy them from dealers that list them for sale. 

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