Two Things To Consider When Selecting Motor Oil

Has the time come to change the oil in your vehicle, and you're wondering if you should change things up with the type of oil that you use? It will definitely help to know more about the different properties of motor oil before you make a decision.


Motor oil viscosity is important to understand since it determines how the oil flows at different temperatures. When you see a viscosity rating, such as 10W-40, know that the first number is the viscosity when the weather is cold and the second is under normal outdoor temperatures. A good way to remember it is that the W stands for winter. A lower number means that the oil is going to flow better, but typically costs more as a result. 

With that in mind, there are recommendations from your vehicle's manufacturer about what type of viscosity your motor oil should have. You'll want to follow those recommendations to stay within the range that works best for your engine. It's possible that an engine doesn't have enough lubrication to operate, and you can actually do harm to your vehicle. 

It is always good to have the appropriate type of motor oil for the climate that you are living in. If it's cold for a long portion of the year, you could benefit from having a motor oil that performs better in the winter. If you live in a region where it's warm and sunny all year round, that winter performance won't be as important to you. 

Synthetic vs Conventional

Another decision you have to make is if you want synthetic or conventional oil. Synthetic oil is chemically engineered and can provide better protection and performance, while conventional oil is from crude oil and is not chemically engineered. You'll find that synthetic oil will have a better resistance to breaking down, and improve your vehicle's fuel efficiency, all at a more expensive price when compared to conventional oil. 

When would you really want to use synthetic oil? If you have a high-performance or luxury vehicle, you may want better oil to protect the engine. It can also be used to extend the intervals between oil changes. If you don't drive your vehicle that much, synthetic oil won't break down as quickly by simply being in the engine.

Still have questions about the type of motor oil you should use? Reach out to an auto shop in your area for more info about an oil change

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